Kellen Reid Smith

Kellen Reid Smith, Soaring Sheep

Soaring Sheep was a brainkiddo of Kellen's. It came to him in Summer 2015, while chatting with Jesus and their Dad. But he wasn’t ready. During the following years of trauma therapy (2015 to 2020), his mind would return to the Sheep, waiting, knowing that he was being prepared for . . . something big. He met Matthew in late 2019, but it wasn’t until early 2021 (when Matthew reached out with an idea) that Soaring Sheep began.

Kellen is co-founder of Soaring Sheep, and responsible for creative direction and brand management. He develops the majority of the shirt concepts and engages with the artists, but Matthew's input is invaluable. He also writes most of the copy (i.e. words you see). He will be glad to delegate some of this work to future brothers-in-arms in order to focus more time and effort on his storytelling, worldbuilding, and structure design (e.g. video games, apps, community, etc.).

He adores wordplay and riddles. He finds that most folk could learn a lot more about language and how to hear.

Matthew Philips

Matthew Philips, Soaring Sheep

Matthew first crossed paths with Kellen in 2019, when he rented him a spare room. That’s when he learned about the brainkiddo, Soaring Sheep. Later, after Kellen had moved back to Ohio, he reached out and asked Matthew to help him build the idea into a company. Matthew has been involved in several other business ventures but none ever provided such a magnificent opportunity to serve his king, and elder brother, Jesus.

Also a co-founder of Soaring Sheep, Matthew mostly handles operational and financial stuff, like getting new t-shirts up on the website and making sure the bills are paid. His core contribution is keeping Soaring Sheep organized, on-schedule and on-budget. In addition, he helps develop concepts and get them ready for printing.

Matthew also enjoys reading, playing board games, and disc-golfing. Right now, his favorite games are Root and Scythe.